Shannon Yeager

Yoga Instructor RYT-500

Reiki Practitioner

Sound Healer


Hi! My name is Shannon. I am a certified yoga instructor, Usui Reiki practitioner and sound healer with a passion for movement and mindfulness. My mission is to help people prevent injury and begin healing through yoga, functional movement and energy (with a little laughter along the way).

I used to spend hours sitting at a desk, overwhelmed by my to-do list and struggling with anxiety. In my downtime, I would try challenging forms of movement, often pushing myself past my limits (hello, ego). After experiencing a wrist and shoulder injury, I realized the importance of listening to my body and slowing down. Yoga, meditation and energy work have helped me transform my perspective, be present and heal inside and out. I want to share that with you.

I teach hatha, vinyasa and restorative yoga from the heart, not the ego. I am an anatomy nerd and will encourage you to pay attention to what your body needs. After all, you are your greatest teacher.

It's time to listen, be curious, feel and explore. Whether through private sessions, in-person classes or retreats, I am here to guide and support you on this journey.


  • Kerri A.

    "Shannon is extremely knowledgeable and has a very gentle teaching style that makes each class informative, enjoyable and inspirational. She is very authentic and her energy and passion for yoga shines through in her teaching. Her attention to movement, the body, the mind and her prompts on alignment and posture are always so helpful. I feel very open and relaxed at the end of her sessions!"

  • Olivia C.

    “Shannon is an incredible yoga teacher. I have taken both private lessons and group yoga classes with Shannon since 2015. Shannon has an impressive ability to meet you where you are and tune into how you can get the most out of your practice. She provides helpful, individualized recommendations to make sure you are learning proper form and engagement to deepen your practice. Shannon brings her wonderfully warm, bright, and calming personality into her teaching, forging a strong sense of community among her students while making her classes a safe, restorative and healing space. Shannon helped me learn to come to my yoga practice with a greater sense of awareness and acceptance of my body, and attune to the interconnections of my body and mind. Shannon is an absolute joy and I could not recommend her highly enough!”

  • Angela S.

    “Shannon is an energizing yoga teacher who leads her classes with positivity. She makes yoga accessible to everyone and creates a space to unplug in a work environment. She helped my team carve out time each week to prioritize our mental and physical health through mindful movement, deep breathing, and stretching. I was able to return to work feeling calmer and more focused. I practiced with Shannon for a year in an office setting and recommend her classes for teams and companies looking to foster a healthy mindset, strong camaraderie, and high morale amongst employees.”

Articles by Shannon

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