Robyn Lily

Life Coach

Yoga Instructor

Reiki Practitioner


Robyn is an Inner Peace Coach. Inner peace is a journey. Being on the journey to inner peace means being aligned with the true self and purpose. When aligned, we are able to think and act intentionally with clarity, confidence and connectedness.

But stress, daily demands, negative thought patterns and old habits all keep us from remaining sure-footed on our path. And when we stray for too long, we can feel lost, stuck, alone, hopeless, confused and insecure.

And this is where Robyn can help. With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and certificates in Coaching, Reiki and Yoga, Robyn combines concepts from psychology, meditation, and spirituality to guide others on their path of inner peace.


  • Client Review

    "I worked with Robyn during a transition period of my life. Many things were changing and there were even more that I wanted to change for myself. Robyn has an amazingly empathetic way of communicating. She is great at making you feel heard in a way that shows she truly cares about her work and the people she works with. I really appreciated the way Robyn approached my issues and goals. It wasn't just a solution given, it was her guiding me along a path to refine my own thoughts on the topic and then come to a resolution that works best for me. Since my sessions with her have ended I have worked hard and have successfully accomplished/overcome many of the things we discussed. All in all I really appreciate Robyn's help!"

  • Client Review

    "Coaching with Robyn has given me the extra support I need to really examine the places in my life where I feel stuck. Robyn is an amazing active listener and has a beautiful way of repeating things back to me in such a manner that I am able to listen to what I just said and imagine where that thought/feeling/etc. does or doesn`t fit into the life I am actively building for myself. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Robyn as a life coach."

  • Client review

    "When I had my life coaching session with Robyn Lilly I felt helped in a way that I had never experienced before in any kind of therapy. Robyn’s coaching was wonderfully structured and helped me figure out how to take the steps I needed to to reach my goals. She is an exceptional listener and has helped me gain awareness of patterns in my life that I wanted to work on. Her coaching provided me with self care tools that will help me for the rest of my life. I feel like I am on a healthier path with my self dialogue after this experience. I am so grateful for Robyn’s services and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking self help!"

Articles by Robyn

How to Restore Your Inner Balance When You Feel Like You're Losing Time and Energy

Time and energy are the two most important things we have. We use both to show love, make money, and learn. So what happens when we feel like we have wasted time and energy? We may feel a sinking feeling, lack of fulfillment, which may lead to less motivation, and of course, stress. If we could just use time and energy for the things we wanted to, we would experience eternal bliss. However, we often have to make sacrifices in order to complete our to-do lists, meet deadlines, or come to agreements. So, it's important to know how to find a sense of satisfaction with "wasted" time and energy.