Lucia Nicolini

Emotion Code® and Body Code™ Practitioner

Holistic Health Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner

Yoga Teacher


Ciao, I’m Lucia. Born and raised in the beautiful city of Rome, in 2015 I moved to California for warm sun and a need to find myself. The sun was pretty easy to find. Finding myself took little bit longer…

In 2016 I received my first Reiki session. I was so amazed by the extraordinary power of that healing that I left Los Angeles for Louisiana and began studying Reiki and Craniosacral. Living in the woods with my little tent, I learned how to grow food and eat healthily.

Eventually, I moved to New Orleans, where I was offered a session of The Emotion Code®, a healing method to release trapped emotions from your body. It was a big awakening for me. I still remember feeling as though someone took away a huge weight from my heart. For the first time I didn’t feel any fear. I returned to Los Angeles in 2017 to marry my soulmate. In 2018 I had the immense joy of giving birth to my son Raffael. Suddenly, my whole life was dedicated to nurturing this little being. My curiosity for healing and energy work didn’t stop though. I became a Yoga teacher, teaching classes while holding my son inside his carrier.

All the while, the powerful healing I had received in New Orleans stayed with me and I decided to purchase the book The Emotion Code® by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Reading it in two days, I began the Practitioner course immediately. This certification took me to the next level, The Body Code™. The Body Code™ deals with balancing the body in the emotional, energetic, nutritional, structural, pathogenic and toxicity aspects. A new chapter unfolded as I welcomed clients, learning from each one a unique way to guide their healing. I learned that working through trauma can impart so much wisdom. As a channel through their journeys, it’s been a gift to witness all the beauty that thrives from trauma.

This path has given me the opportunity to heal myself first, and then to learn to love my clients unconditionally. Feeling their struggles and supporting their process with compassion and dedication allows me to create a safe space for them to release and let go. My mission as a holistic health practitioner is to support you in emanating your authentic self; to align with nature in a way that stimulates your body to heal itself, and finally, to learn how to co-create the life you want. It would be my honor to support you in your journey. Let’s set up a time to talk.


  • Jane M.

    “It’s been such a joy to work with Lucia. Her pure heart is able to channel this work with so much light, and is a subtle yet powerful force. She really allows God’s presence to work through her. It is a beautiful experience. We worked on releasing some anxiety that was connected to an emotion I absorbed when I was 18. The release and revelations that followed the next day were very powerful and I feel liberated from a dynamic that I had been working through for years. I feel much lighter and anxiety-free after our session. I feel anyone could benefit from this work. It truly is amazing and I’m very grateful to have come to know of it through Lucia.”

  • Theran T.

    "Lucia has been such a blessing. She has helped to illuminate so much for me. Our work together has cleared holds from past traumas that were standing in the way of my growth and evolution. I had no idea how these elements were being held in my body and manifesting. From menstrual cramping to will and motivation. I am beyond grateful for our work together and look forward to exploring more."

  • Rob L.

    "Lucia is so gentle and warm hearted. From the moment you encounter her, you are assured only good will come. Over the several courses of therapy, I felt a definite and noticeable change in my health, happiness, and mentality towards not only my condition but also the fact that I was subconsciously building a community. Lucia is a deep soul with limitless compassion and love; I couldn't give a higher recommendation to anyone I've ever known. She is truly an Angel among us."