Restoring and inviting calm, relaxation and serenity in your life. Minimizing the chronic stress and anxiety in your body and mind.

Retreat Content

    1. Breathing For Stress Reduction with a 10 min Guided Breathing Practice - Learn how to how to downregulate your nervous system, which will allow you to slow down the body and mind.

    1. The Big Deal About Detox - Learn the different types of detoxification of the body, why we should detox, and the ways in which we can support our bodies to do so.

    1. Relief Stress and Anxiety with Lucia Nicolini, Emotion Code® and Body Code™ Practitioner

About this Retreat

  • 2 hours of video content

Wellness Experts Featured in this Retreat

Tara Bianca

Holistic Health Practitioner

Transformative Therapy - Breathwork, Bodywork, Mindset and Sound Healing

Kate Young

Registered Holistic Nutritionist


Lucia Nicolini

Emotion Code® and Body Code™ Practitioner

Holistic Health Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner

Yoga Teacher

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