Courtney Kinnett-Hooper

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Hello my beautiful friend! Quick blurb about me and then I want to talk about YOU! I'm Courtney, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a Gut Health certificate. My mission is to uplift and motivate you to feel like YOU again WITHOUT tracking another damn calorie, macro, or diet!

Are you sick of feeling stuck and frustrated with your body?

In your busy life, YOU keep putting yourself on the back burner. One day you will lose the weight. One day you will make time for workouts. One day you will meal prep. One day you will feel good about what you see in the mirror. And then BOOM…3 years later and you are in the same body, same state of mind and never let that “one day” come into fruition. Feel familiar?

I GET IT. I have 100% been there. Feeling like you will NEVER get out of this toxic rut and feel good again. I want to remind you that you can be your own inspiration! You are meant to FEEL like your body matters every day. You deserve to have that time for yourself with zero guilt.

Imagine finally making time for your health and ACTUALLY looking forward to it. Imagine looking in the mirror at all stages of your journey and thinking damnnn, I look good! Imagine feeling energized every day without the afternoon zombie mode. Imagine reaching for food without second guessing yourself and never yo-yo dieting again. You can finally FEEL like yourself again…like a human again (not just your kids snot rag).

I am the coach that cares, listens and wants you to succeed without needing me forever. You have what it takes my beautiful's time you take the leap and get back to being YOU!


  • Jessie H.

    "Before working with Courtney, I was depressed, had zero confidence and I wanted to sleep all day. Now I feel ambitious, motivated and when I look in the mirror I love myself. The biggest change I noticed since working with Courtney is my attitude and what I accomplished in 12 weeks, my whole life changed. I went from zero interest in my life to living again and things have changed 100%! I'm off my anxiety medication I took for over 10 years! I feel healthier, I'm sleeping better and I'm going on adventures doing things I love again. Courtney will make you a better version of yourself if you follow her recommendations!"

  • Sara M.

    "Courtney came into my life at the perfect time. I’ve spent my whole life working against my body. Courtney has helped me in some of my hardest times. I am slowly learning to trust my body again, to love and see it for what it truly is and does for me day in and day out for the first time. Courtney has taught me that not only is food not bad, it is wonderful. As much as I still have to learn, I do know this, the only body I have to listen to is mine, and I’m doing wonderfully. Break up with the diet culture and learn to love yourself without guilt or shame. OH and her lovely change of mindset has gone beyond just food. “Workouts!” I learned that a workout could be several things, and not specifically just in the gym. ALSO that hormones play a huge part in everything and that my body wanting to be slow and gentle sometimes ISNT laziness! It’s natural and I should listen! I’m listening to my body for the first time in a long time."

  • Kaylee C.

    “Courtney was willing to do whatever it took to help me feel motivated and keep my goals in sight. She took the time to get to know me and try to find things that would work specifically for me and my lifestyle. I have seen a significant change in my energy levels as well as how happy I feel on a day to day basis. I overall feel more confident and happy that I am who I am. Courtney is someone who really wants to make a change in people’s lives. She really wants to help you set goals and see you follow through and achieve them.”