Brandee Hommerding

Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner


Brandee Hommerding is an expert in holistic nutrition and owner of Bee Collective Wellness where she provides 1:1 nutrition coaching with an emphasis on gut and hormone health. She graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado in 2019 and has since received training in TriggerMapping, a Hormone Mastery Certification, and is a Restorative Wellness Practitioner - Level 1. As a certified nutrition therapy practitioner, Brandee works to empower clients to reclaim their health through nutrition in sustainable ways to cultivate lasting wellness.

Prior to her graduation as a CNTP, Brandee worked for 14 years as an Interventional Radiology Technologist at various local Denver, Colorado hospitals. Her career in Western medicine created the desire to help clients take control of their health and wellness through food and nutrition. She focuses her coaching on identifying the root causes of symptoms and provides support in the form of education, resources, and accountability.

Brandee’s approach is based on science, research, and bio-individuality. She customizes her approach to nutrition on the individual’s needs to provide optimal wellness while specifically supporting gut health and hormone balance.

Brandee resides in Seattle, Washington with her husband and dog. She loves all things outdoors - camping, hiking, snowboarding, and golfing to name a few. She also enjoys traveling the world to experience different cultures, eating delicious food (and taking pictures of it!), road trips while listening to crime podcasts, and supporting local businesses.


  • Kate E.

    "I was sleeping poorly, having recurring gut issues, and wasn't sure what to do or what was causing those issues. I'd been hearing about the importance of gut health for years but it seemed like a daunting process to fix what was wrong. Brandee took all of the guesswork out of it while supporting and educating me along the way! I'm sleeping better and having way fewer gut issues. I'm glad I took the leap to heal my gut and be a healthier version of myself!"

  • Edie H.

    "Brandee single-handedly supported my journey from a 70+-day menstrual cycle to a 30-day cycle. Unheard of, for me (POCS!) Working with Brandee, I saw major improvements in my hormones and mental health. I can't thank her enough. After thorough blood work, she put together a personalized plan--nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle--to help balance my hormones. Most importantly, she encouraged me to ease back on my perception of "healthy living" to eat the foods I crave without hesitation or guilt. Beyond that, she always gave me pieces of business advice (as a fellow entrepreneur) and was always candid, genuine, and most importantly, kind. Brandee was born to do this work!"

  • Jolene W.

    "In the past, I was throwing darts at diet. But I hit the bullseye with Brandee! I didn't need a diet, I needed nutrition. She showed me a whole new perspective on food, that it is to be enjoyed and appreciated. I've tried foods I would have never even looked at previously and grown to enjoy cooking. I now not only understand nutrition more but also myself! Brandee has helped me on so many more levels than just what I was eating. Thank you, Brandee!!"

Articles by Brandee

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