Blakey Hastings

Certified Yoga Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist t


I am a Mystic, Yogi, and “Thoughtful student of life.” My natural gifts of extra sensory perception, resilience, and steadfast attention to Joy and Love have carried me through the trauma and hardship that life so often delivers. Moving through and integrating these obstacles of trauma and hardship have been the path to Love, Forgiveness, and Freedom through unification of my body, mind and spirit

My own journey out of fear, inaction, and blame is the inspiration for Empowered Realignment and North Star Holistic Health. I know that every person is born with a purpose and a desire to feel fulfilled. My purpose is to guide you into your illuminated nature, into a life that is filled with happiness, joy and freedom. My path to dedicating my practice and career to holistic health came through my work to study, create and develop trauma informed yoga practices and I am still committed to providing safe space; all of the services offered at North Star Holistic Health are trauma informed.


  • Client Review

    "In addition to massage, Blakey offers yoga therapy, Ayurvedic consultations, and a variety of energetic bodywork. I see her for Empowered Realignment, and I always leave our sessions feeling more balanced, vibrant, and ready for life's next challenge. Blakey is a wonderful teacher and guide on any personal path."

  • Client Review

    "I have been experiencing chronic headaches for over a year due to tension from work related stress. Also physical pain in my neck and shoulders. I've tried many remedies, chiropractic, primary care, pharmaceutical, nothing so far has worked. After a couple sessions with Blakey I started to feel relief from the pain and even was able to experience headache free days, first time in over 14 months! Blakey is very professional, provides a comfortable atmosphere and relaxing music. She listened to my needs and designed the work she did based in my different pains and feedback."

  • Client Review

    "Blakey is a compassionate and intuitive healer. She worked with me through some very difficult times to guide me in making choices in my life. Her energy work is powerful and enlightening. I felt supported and informed through all of our sessions. I highly recommend working with Blakey, especially through transitions and crossroads in life!"

Articles by Blakey

Foundational Practices of Yoga Through Mindful Living And Pranayama

Prioritizing self care is a challenging, yet rewarding endeavor. In seeking inspiration and direction we can turn to a foundational principle of Yoga: the balance between effort and ease. References to the practice of finding this fulcrum are found throughout the Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita (two of the major works describing Yoga as a system of Self-realization).