Sarah Lascano

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Medical Intuitive


Sarah is the founder of RayZen Energy where she is an energy medicine practitioner, medical intuitive, holistic health advocate and best-selling author. The power of Sarah Lascano’s healing wisdom has helped hundreds from around the world recover their health and reclaim their lives. She has been featured in Your Health Magazine and is recognized by Top Doctor’s as a Holistic and Energy Healing Expert. It is her passion to help people realize solutions exist for their chronic health struggles and find the health freedom they deserve.

As a result of overcoming her own significant health challenges, she has dedicated her life to help people uncover the root cause of their symptoms and find lasting health. Sarah’s knowledge of the human body and mind-body connection combines with her engineering background and spiritual wisdom in a down-to-earth, heart-centered approach that delivers powerful and approachable healing that gets results fast.


  • A.M.

    "My two kids suffered from PANDAS and were unable to go to school for three years. They struggled mentally and physically and were treated by doctors but still were not making progress. Now they are in school, thriving, without any medications. I couldn’t leave the house before. Their progress has been so amazing!"

  • T.M.

    "I used to take over 14 different prescription medications per day for 10 years, some for 20. I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs or walk around the block I was in so much pain. I never thought I would be free of meds. Now I am off them all and I can’t believe it!"

  • R.B.

    "I had been seeing a homeopathic doctor for four years and had some results, but I still wasn’t anywhere close to where I wanted to be. I can honestly say that I am such a better, healthier, and happier person after working with Sarah!"

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