Sara Merrick-Albano

Yoga Therapist

E-RYT-200, RYT-500


Hi, I'm Sara Merrick-Albano, yoga therapist at In Waves Yoga based in Connecticut. I help people use yoga to manage their chronic health conditions.

I work with people who have physical conditions like back pain and arthritis, and mental conditions like anxiety, depression, and addiction. My specialty is autoimmune conditions where I teach clients yoga practices that address fatigue, decrease intensity of flares, and manage chronic pain.

My teaching is non-dogmatic and does not use standard protocols. I don't teach "yoga for low back pain" or "yoga for anxiety." Instead, I work within a framework to customize each yoga practice for the individual in front of me, with a focus on what works. The result is a client-driven practice invites balance in the body and mind, both in the practice and in life off the mat.


  • C.M.

    "I consider Sara an expert but she doesn’t pretend to know everything, like other health practitioners can. She is extremely patient, and takes her time explaining when I have questions to ensure I understand her reasons for the exercises she recommends to me. My pain has been greatly reduced over the year I’ve been working Sara. Of course, I do my part and perform all the stretches and exercises she has given me. I consider Sara a true partner in my health and well-being."

  • S.G.

    "Sara is a well thought out yoga therapist who not only took my body into account when helping me, she taught me how to hold space for the uncomfortable periods my body went through. It was very easy to have conversations with Sara around the process of my yoga practice as a whole experience physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually."

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