Nikki Cohen

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Pelvic Floor Expert


With 15 years of experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Nikki is a passionate Women`s Health Advocate and saw a gap in women`s healthcare firsthand, specifically related to pelvic floor health. By making essential information about your health and body accessible online, creating safe spaces to grow and bond, and continuing to provide one on one patient care, Dr. Nikki has elevated women`s care to a whole new level.

She is the Founder of The Organic PT, creator of Bladder Essentials and Postpartum Essentials online programs, and author of The Truth About Kegels digital guidebook and Woman To Woman: Little Notes Of Inspiration. She believes that you deserve to be informed, respected, and empowered about your health regardless of your age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or medical history. With Dr. Nikki your health matters!


  • Angela

    “After I had my baby, I was struggling. I had a very long delivery with a lot of complications, and I wasn’t healing quickly. Dr. Nikki helped me to understand that healing is not just a physical process, but a mental and emotional one too. She was patient and listened to me and my body. Her knowledge is incredible, and I love listening to her talk about the interconnectedness of everything. She really is a magic worker! I think every woman who has a baby needs Dr. Nikki. It’s amazing what I learned. I only wish I’d gone to her sooner!”

  • Kayti

    “Dr. Nikki’s work is like no other I’ve ever experienced. I could feel myself shifting ever so gently under her subtle but somehow profound guidance. I could sense releases in my tissues and muscles. Meanwhile, I was floating on a cloud... Fully amazing.”

  • Toni

    “I’ll just start by saying WOW! Dr. Nikki has a true gift and has mastered that gift. I was skeptical at first on how exactly she could cure my incontinence and other postpartum- related issues, but she did! And it wasn’t just with Kegel exercises, but with so much more!”

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