Mazen Faloughi

Yoga Instructor RYT 200HR

NASM Personal Trainer

Acrobatics Coach


Mazen's goal is to help you develop your own movement, breathwork, and mindfulness practice that will hopefully stay and evolve with you forever. He leverages his structural engineering background to bring a unique perspective on alignment and balance, and his personal training background for finding physical strength in a movement practice.

Mazen discovered his love for sharing knowledge when he became a part-time science museum tour guide through his college years, before becoming a graduate student instructor, and then taking on a career in engineering consulting and education.

He first turned to mindful movement as a way to soothe the symptoms of a digestive autoimmune disease he had been struggling with and has since fallen in love with the practice. Mazen is also an NASM (national academy of sports medicine) certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.


  • Laurie K.

    "It's not often in this day and age that you get to claim to be the first at something but my claim to fame is being Mazen's first acro student (or so he likes to tell me). So I've seen with my own eyes how Mazen's AMAZING coaching has been able to transform mine and dozens of others fitness journeys. What started one afternoon as two students in a park turned into a weekly acroyoga palooza with dozens coming together to learn new skills and test our balance, flexibility, strength, and trust. Mazen's excellent guidance and AMAZING personality was what got us up in the air (or tricked us in to supporting human bodies) and challenged us to keep learning and playing. I'm so glad to know Mazen and benefit from his coaching in acro as it's shown me that my body is capable of more than I believed it was and that being upside down isn't that scary if you do it right and/or have him spotting you."

  • Mike D.

    "Mazen is a knowledgeable, personable, and hands-on coach. I enjoyed his well structured classes and I would recommend him to anyone looking to build strength, balance, and flexibility."

  • Garbriele S.

    "If you have any goals that feel "unattainable" definitely book a session with Mazen! In a five minute conversation he had given me the cues I needed to complete a successful crow pose. Not only this but after attending only one of his acro meetups I had learned enough tips and tricks to teach my friends and family at home! Mazen has a gift at creating a supportive and instructive environment. His wealth of knowledge about the human body is apparent in the ease of his teachings. Seriously invest in yourself and book a session with him you will NOT regret it."

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