Mari Bartoo-Jacobson

Health & Anxiety Coach

Reiki Master Level 2

Essential Oil Guide


Hi there! My name is Mari Bartoo Jacobson. In 2019 I received my Reiki Level 2 attunement. As I began practicing reiki with clients, both in person and virtually, I was so delighted to witness what a profound experience a reiki session can be for both the giver and the receiver. In this energetic work the basic premise is that we are balancing the chakras, which in turn bring balance to our physical, emotional and spiritual systems.

Anxiety Coach In my experience, when we do not feel well in our body, it is very hard to show up as our best self in the world. And conversely, when we feel good in body and soul that has a ripple effect out into the world. I have had my own challenges, physically and emotionally, that have prompted me to seek out help and each time I have emerged a stronger, better, deeper version of myself. Each person's path to wellness is a bit different and I am so drawn to the deep listening and uncovering and exploration that can lead us there.

Essential Oils I've been studying plant medicine for over 7 years. The way plants can interact with us on a cellular level is amazing, always trending toward bringing our body back into homeostasis (balance). In my practice I use both an evidence-based approach to essential oil use and an intuitive blending of essential oils and reiki and coaching.

As I look back over my trajectory to this space I see a pattern emerge: I have been drawn to modalities that help us to achieve balance.


  • Michelle V.

    "I always look forward to my coaching meet-ups with Mari. She has helped me improve on both my physical and mental health. Mari offers a different perspective and solutions to issues and concerns I may have. She offers great support and motivation!"

  • Rachel S.

    "Mari is an incredibly gifted healer! I've been struggling with Sleep issues and insomnia for almost a decade, and after one distant reiki session my sleep improved. I would highly recommend Mari! She's kind, a powerful healer and really meets you where you are on your journey."

  • Client Review

    "After quite a few attempts at self improvement with professionals, enthusiastic amateurs and experts alike from many different fields over the years only two have made a noticeable and lasting positive difference. One of them is Mari. There aren’t enough stars to rate her properly."

Articles by Mari

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The concept that maintaining a positive mindset and focusing on the positive qualities of a situation can lead to better outcomes and a more fulfilling life is referred to as the power of positivity. Positive thinking has been demonstrated in studies to improve physical and mental health, build relationships, and increase productivity and achievement.