Kristin Bushong

Rapid Transformational Therapy® Practitioner

Family Therapist


Hello lovely :) I’m Kristin! I provide Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) and Coaching to parents (or non-parents if we vibe!) who are looking to heal their heart from the hurt of the past and build deep connections with their families in the present. I believe that doing the inner work creates a better mentality for connecting with ourselves and consciously parent our children to end generational cycles of trauma.

RTT® focuses on the root cause of the issue rather than symptoms, understand and confront its purpose, and reframe old, toxic beliefs that hold us back to positive affirmations. I have helped others overcome bouts of anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, and anger impacting their relationships using this revolutionary technique and looking forward to helping so many more clients!


  • Client Review

    "I understand now where this toxic belief came from and I feel a great heaviness lifted off my shoulders. I finally have enough space to truly heal from my past!"

  • Client Review

    "I've been using traditional therapy for years, and with no improvement I decided to try out RTT®. With Kristin, I was able to release so much that I didn't even know I was storing. She made me extremely comfortable, and I felt an almost immediate difference in emotional baggage being lifted. Bottom line, Kristin is the best certified RTT® therapist I've ever found, and I found more success in a single session with her than I did in years of traditional therapy. Please don't hesitate, just book with her!"

  • Client Review

    "So much got pulled up from my past, it felt like a purge (of toxic beliefs) spinning out of me. Thank you!"

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