Katie Pine

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist


Katie Pine is C-IAYT Yoga Therapist with more than 1,000 hours of specialized training in the therapeutic application of yogic practices. She has experience working holistically with individuals experiencing anxiety, stress, burnout, sleep disorders, nervous system disorders, and chronic pain conditions.

In her Denver-based private practice, Katie works with clients both in person and virtually, and offers therapeutic group yin yoga classes in person and online. She utilizes a combination of Eastern and Western therapeutic methods to help her clients find the specific physical, mental, emotional and energetic practices and yoga-based tools they need to restore balance to their bodies, their nervous systems and their lives as they reconnect with their true, inherently whole selves.


  • Chris S., 3 month yoga therapy client

    “In yoga therapy, Katie pinpointed (uncannily) where I was blocked psycho-spiritually and developed a treatment plan with strategies, some ancient, to work through tough life issues I’m facing right now. After incorporating these practices into my life for the past few months, I find myself to be more centered and unfazed by drama or challenges at work as well as in my deeper relationships. And for the first time in decades, I feel good in my skin – actually IN my body to its very edges."

  • Michael H., First Time Assessments Session client

    “Wonderful experience with Katie! She took the time to help me understand how to listen to what my body is telling me, and I am using that information to heal and build strength while increasing flexibility.”

  • Shane R., 4 week yoga therapy client

    “Thank you Katie for an amazing first experience with yoga therapy. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of individual attention and personal customization of treatment from the intake, to the postural assessment, to assessment of breath work. I can’t wait to start to incorporate all that I learned into my daily routine."

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Yoga Therapy Treatment for Holistic Healing

Yoga therapy is a comprehensive, accessible treatment modality that is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. This treatment model allows 1,000-hour certified practitioners known as C- IAYT Yoga Therapists, who are registered yoga teachers who have gone on to receive 800 more hours of specialized training in the therapeutic application of yogic tools and practices, to work one-on-one with clients via a comprehensive assessment, goal setting, and treatment planning process.