Gillian Sabbagh

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Holistic Health Coach

Kundalini Reiki Master


I’m Gillian Sabbagh, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, Kundalini Reiki Master and Women’s Circle Facilitator. My passion lies in guiding deep-feeling souls on a sacred inner journey home to their most wildly authentic and thriving selves. I offer personalized coaching that weaves together several modalities including clinical nutrition, intuitive eating, mindset and energy work.

I take a truly holistic approach to support clients in healing their relationship with food, alleviating chronic symptoms and reclaiming their innate worth, wisdom and well-being in body and spirit. If you’re looking for a new approach that gets to the root and holds space for your whole beautiful self, it would be an honor to connect!


  • Marjorie

    "Gillian, you will never know how grateful I am to have your guidance! Every session together has been such a blessing to me and an opportunity to share, get curious and recalibrate my path. I can never thank you enough! If you are ready to get to the core of who you know you are meant to be and take a truthful look at your health, Gillian is THE coach for you! “

  • Jody

    "I have been working with Gillian consistently for approximately 11 months now. I wouldn't change it for the world! She is Grounded. Loving. Caring. Patient. Kind. Wise. I feel completely supported by her ability to hold space and meet me where I am. The amount of things I have accomplished and the amount I have grown as an individual while being connected to her is amazing. She is incredibly knowledgeable in her wide array of subjects and offers her wisdom, knowledge, advice, recommendations in a way that uplifts me, inspires me, and encourages me along my path. Thank you Gillian for all the time spent. Every second has been beyond well worth it!”

  • AJ

    "Gillian is one of the most compassionate people you will ever meet. She listens to my concerns and works with me as a coach to help enhance my life through nutrition, spirituality, and overall wellbeing. Gillian has improved my life for the better since meeting her and I will now always have the new learnings and positive habits she taught me which is invaluable. I highly recommend checking out her coaching!”

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