Becky Krueger

Certified Life Coach


In 2012, I felt a deep calling to the wilds of the Pacific Northwest to begin what would prove to be one of the most important and pivotal transitions of my life. As someone who always found comfort in closeness to my family and was wary of straying too far from home for too long for much of my life, the choice to relocate to Seattle, WA, was both an unexpected and transformative moment in my journey of uncovering my most authentic self, my inner courage, and my deeper purpose in this world.

Born and raised in the fields, lakes, and forests of rural Wisconsin, spending time in the wild was where I felt most alive, most connected to something larger than myself, and where I experienced some of the happiest & most formative moments with the people I most loved. Close family and friends both marveled and balked at my decision to move clear across the country on my own to start a new job, find my new community, and enter the unknown.

And despite my own fears, I knew deep inside of me that there was something bigger awaiting me there, that I could let my heart & intuition guide me toward this new journey even when my head couldn’t fully explain it. The past decade has been a rollercoaster of a ride, with all the struggles and joys and grief and beautiful moments that mark a powerful new chapter of change in one’s life:

~the loss of my beloved mother to cancer

~the restructuring of long-time relationships and building of new ones

~finding new ways to connect with and love my family across the miles

~and my ongoing transition from a long-time teaching career into this invigorating adventure of professional coaching!

I’ve developed a deep sense of awe and gratitude for the beautiful landscape and hiking trails of the PNW, for the meaningful and purpose-driven paths I’ve discovered in the wilds of life and in the natural world, and for the incredible people who continue to enter my life and help shape me into my best self.

I bring a great deal of empathy and intuition to my coaching, which allows me to meet clients exactly where they’re at while challenging them to access their full potential. I can’t wait to partner with you in your own healing and growth journey!


  • Paty R.

    "Becky is one of the most discerning, intuitive, and professional coaches I have encountered. Her presence is reassuring and her energy is vibrant! Becky’s work is very effective and informed by a number of highly developed modalities. What makes her exceptional is her mastery in integrating these modalities, which include active listening, ability to gently convey insight that the client recognizes as their own, and holding space in a calm and grounding way. The personal results of working with Becky have been truly transformative!"

  • Marissa M.

    "Coaching from Becky is like no other – it is like the familiarity of a lifelong friend, the comfort of your favorite blanket, the encouragement of a loving grandmother, the warmth of fire crackling in the fireplace, and the guidance and gentle challenge of an inspirational teacher – wrapped into one person and every empowering and encouraging conversation. I was blessed to work with Becky for 10-weeks, during one of the most challenging times of my life. Each week, Becky listened to my words… and my soul. Becky’s intuitive nature knew exactly how to help me find the light and lift my spirits. She encouraged and supported me with her words, questions, and tender reminders of who I am, who I want to be, and what I value – and how I could choose actions, words, and ways to navigate the challenges I was facing with all of that in mind. Bring Becky into your life; you will be forever changed, for the better.”

  • Nico L.

    “I’m endlessly grateful to have Becky as my coach as I navigate a huge midlife career transition. She flows with whatever comes up in our sessions with curiosity and confidence. I never feel broken when we work together. Instead, she helps me see my struggles and stumbling blocks as important -- even beautiful -- parts of my journey that are leading me back to my wildest, most authentic self. She notices the treasures hidden under the surface of what I share and guides me back to my wise inner voice. I feel more capable, more confident and braver with her as my coach.”

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