Audrey Costa

Certified Health Coach

Nature Therapy Practitioner

Nutrition Specialist

Personal Trainer

Yoga Teacher


Hello! My name is Audrey and I have over 20 years experience in Health and Wellness. I am a seasoned coach and facilitator with experience across all age and ability levels. I have experience as a public education teacher, personal trainer, sports coach, health and nutrition coach, nature therapy practitioner and as a corporate wellness manager. I hold expertise across a broad range of segments including public education, nonprofit, private, and the corporate setting, as well as all age levels. I believe in sharing my story in order to help others in their journey. Storytelling is an integral part of what I do. My purpose is to help others find their why and guide them on a journey of health.

"Tell your story with your whole heart" Brene Brown On my own personal journey, I have learned a variety of tools and techniques and wholeheartedly believe movement, creativity and nature have been instrumental to my growth and healing. I was practicing Nature Therapy/Shinrin Yoku, before I knew it was an actual thing. I am so excited to now have formal training and be able share this amazing practice with others and all of its benefits. I now truly understand that wellness is much more than physical. My purpose in life is to help people become healthier. I have been on a journey, one of self-discovery and healing and have gained a wealth of education, training and knowledge along the way.

I believe in supporting clients in the most holistic way possible. I am a degreed and certified professional coach. Health is more than just physical. It is rooted in the elements of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and creativity. Each of these elements needs to be attended to and balanced to be well. I treat the whole you, coaching to each of those elements. We will explore together to find the misalignments, and work methodically to address each one. If you have "tried it all" and something is still not quite right, please reach out. I have been where you are. I am a mom, wife, avid hiker and backpacker, writer, photographer and gourd artist!


  • Pragya T.

    "I have been working with Audrey for several weeks now and would love to continue training with her, as time and budgets permit, in order to meet my fitness goals. One of my favorite things about working with Audrey is that she is a good listener, we have a great relationship, and she is both tough and compassionate, very few people can excel at that. She understands the type of training I want to do and makes the workout challenging and enjoyable. Audrey has shown me several new exercise and types of workouts and is always very clear about form and how the exercise should be performed.”

  • Susan M.

    “I've been training with Audrey for over a year and have experienced awesome results. When we began, she was coaching me in person and I could immediately see she was unlike any other trainer I'd worked with. She coaches to your goals, and helps you break through strength barriers with ease, guiding you to strength PR's with her easy to follow workouts. She currently distance coaches me. I was skeptical at first, because I'd never had this type of experience. I'm happy to report that the distance coaching scenario works so well! She emails me my routines every week. She even includes YouTube videos for technique. I print them and work them. We are in touch nearly every day, where I rant & comment to her and send her videos of my lifts. She is super responsive & offers both encouragement and critique frequently. And at the end of the week, I email back how each day & lift went.”

  • Neal Z.

    "I've been training with Deep Rooted Wellness for over 18 months, both in person and now remotely. It has completely transformed my body and how I view fitness and exercise. I've tried many trainers, and it's usually the same old same old - with Deep Rooted each workout is different and they are modified based on your performance from the previous week. Not only do I look better, I am much more stronger and my body is more pain free than it has ever been. If you're looking for training - look no further!"