Amber Renae

Yoga Instructor

Reiki Practitioner

Life Coach


Namaste! I'm Amber Renae. I am a 200 RYT and prenatal yoga teacher. I've been practicing yoga for over 5 years now and fell in love with it because it was medicine to my soul. I initially struggled, like many of us, with over thinking, worrying and anxiety.

Yoga brought me back to myself and grounded me in the present moment. This practice has been a calling Home and I'm elated and proud to share it with the rest of the world. My teaching style is soft, explorative and rooted in the rhythms of Mother Earth. I teach a variety of yoga classes including private sessions and prenatal. I am also a reiki practitioner and life coach and a life-long learner of all things yoga and mystical.

We invite in self discovery when we deepen the breath, calm the mind and open the body to the infinite present moment. This is what yoga means to me and I hope to share this with those I teach. I fell in love with yoga as it was a calling Home, not the physical kind but the visceral and raw feeling of being in alignment with yourself and the Universe. I don’t believe yoga is a work out but rather a work in.


  • Client Review

    "Amber is a fantastic yoga instructor! During our healing yoga session, her attention to detail was unparalleled. Every moment of my session was filled with peace and tranquility. It was a beautiful experience! She communicates so well and makes you feel at ease and a part of the action. If you have the opportunity, do not pass up the chance to take a class with her."

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