Valentina Bain

Holistic Health Coach

Reiki Practitioner

EFT Practitioner


A mom to 4, Valentina knows first hand how overwhelming the journey of motherhood and all the challenges along the way can be. From food allergies/sensitivities to learning and sleep disabilities and constant new "healthy" standard information being published- It can be more than stressful to find the solutions that not only work but work for our unique families.

Valentina began her health journey after 15 years of struggling with her own learning disabilities and found a way to thrive with the right tools, now she teaches others to do the same. Valentina's path to helping others began 20 years ago when she became a Reiki Master and CranioSacral Therapist. It was then she began to realize the mind-body connection and decided to further her education at the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts where she became a Neuromuscular and Sports massage therapist. Since then, Valentina has found herself coaching one one one, running 2 fitness studios, a weight loss clinic, and continuing her education by becoming a labor doula, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and studying at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition.

"My greatest passion is to use my knowledge to help others overcome their unique challenges by finding and implementing the solutions to enjoy greater happiness and health! As I journey through motherhood, I find that support and the right tools can be a complete game changer. Let us transform challenges and stress into great stories of success!"


  • Victoria B.

    "Valentina has been at the core of my changes in health because of my own imbalances with nutrition as well as other areas of my life. For years, I struggled with inflammation, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, and migraines. Through our many sessions working together and with her tools and natural living knowledge, Valentina helped me uncover the root causes of my issues- which completely changed my life! She is such an amazing advocate and educator in holistic health, healing, and wellness coaching."

  • Nancy R.

    "To say I have had a transformation both physically and spiritually is an understatement. From the first time I met Valentina back in November of '21, she has been a positive influence and I literally feel as if she has always been in my life as a friend. Valentina is truly an inspiration , and a humble one at that, an inspiration for women, mothers , friends, strangers. She has a beautiful way of making every single soul feel as they truly matter. I know I am definitely honored to have her as part of my life. We are raised to think the big things matter, the materialistic things, but in all honestly it is the small things that are the big things, a smile, she always has one, a kind word, she always has one, a minute out of the day to just share life and Valentina always shares those minutes."

  • Amy S.

    "I have grown more than I ever thought I could from working with Valentina and all of the knowledge/modalities she shares. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to love myself and listen to my body in a way that is authentic for me. I’m forever grateful to have learned all that she has taught me! I thought there was no way I could reach my health goals but now I have no question I will and I’m at peace and actually enjoying the journey."

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