Michele Riechman

Personal Trainer

Health Coach

Physical Therapist

Yoga Instructor


Michele is an expert health coach & personal trainer, mom of 4, & military wife. She has her doctorate in physical therapy and a 200-hour yoga teacher certificate. She helps busy moms go from out of shape & stressed to healthy & strong so that they can keep up with their kids and have the energy to get through their day. She uses healthy habits and quick workouts to help moms find a sustainable health plan that they can stick to.


  • Julie W.

    "I am so excited about the results after just a little over a month with my personal training sessions with Michele. She made a customized workout that was perfect for where I was and what I needed. She is helping me with nutrition and goals each week. I already have so much more energy and I’m starting to see changes physically in the areas I wanted to tone up. I would highly recommend Michele. She can help with all the things nutrition and fitness!"

  • Wendy

    "I am going to jump in and give Michele a huge shout out! We have been taking her PRIVATE yoga training for 6 weeks now. It is an oasis of focus, stretching, strengthening, and calm in our busy week. 100 percent would recommend her!"

  • Heather

    "Michele's program was just what I needed. She's helpful, non-judgmental, and works with you to design a program that works specifically for you and your lifestyle. The app is amazing. She gives you the workouts that you need to do each day. They're quick and you can fit them into your schedule at a time that works for you. Michele is always very encouraging and stays in touch regularly through the app which provides great accountability. I have just loved this experience!"

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