Kate Young


Intuitive Healing

Tarot and Tea Leaf Reading


Over the course of my life's journey, having flirted with death on more than one occasion, I have been gifted a unique perspective of our role in the cosmos and an awareness of the conversation between this universe and each and every one of us. My spirit has been inextricably drawn to deepening my understanding of this conversation and immersing myself in an intuitive, heart-felt relationship with my human experience. I now find myself in the blessed position of being able to hold space for others and guide them towards an understanding of their own universal conversation and how it may serve to empower them on their own miraculous journey.


  • Will D.

    "Michaela drops into a powerful intuitive space and lets the messages for you roll right in. If you are facing any doubts on how to move forward or needing a divine confirmation in life right now then I highly recommend getting a reading with her. She was incredible at highlighting themes in my life and pointing out unresolved patterns through the her wisdom with the cards. I'm left with 3-4 powerful key messages that my Spirit already knew somewhere deep down there BUT NOW I know them for sure. This reading made my next moves crystal clear."

  • Maggie G.

    "I really recommend some time with Michaela! She has such a beautiful gift that is spot on! Take a moment to give yourself a gift or give the gift to another. Either way I recommend a reading from Lilith Rose Intuative Healing."

  • Alisa

    "Michaela is one if the sweetest and most sublime souls you will ever encounter. I have had the pleasure of experiencing Michaela’s tea readings and intuitive gifts more than once and what I can say is that she is genuinely embodies her gift of sight unlike any I have ever seen, full of accuracy, love and compassion. She is finely tuned to the Divine Source Creator. Time with her over a cup of tea is time you will be grateful for."

Retreats Featuring Michaela

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