Liz Deffinis

PhD in Psychology

MS in Occupational Therapy

Certified Usui Holy Fire III

Reiki Practitioner Level II


Liz is an alignment coach empowering high achieving moms to enjoy precious parenting moments without the endless to-do list using prioritized alignment strategies. She has a background in occupational therapy and earned her PhD in Psychology in 2018. In 2020, Liz faced a terrifying experience of her newborn daughter suffering a stroke, which catapulted her into this work of helping other high achievers really be present with their children while doing all the things! In less than 2 years, she has manifested making consistent 6 figures+ while working from home and homeschooling her kids, retiring her husband, and limitless opportunities to manifest new and exciting visions.


  • Client Review

    "I absolutely love Liz and the amazing work that she does. I have been blessed to be able to work with her over the last several months and she has helped me create shifts in myself that I didn`t know were possible. I am beyond excited to get even more of her in podcast form!!"

  • Client Review

    "Learning how to implement bounders has allowed my clients to get better results. Even though I was setting the boundaries to learn how to honor my own energy, the happy side effect was that my clients start becoming more self sufficient, proactive and engaged. So I was able to take on more clients because I had more time and space, but also because I was receiving better testimonials."

  • Client Review

    "Liz is the real deal. She is living her dream running her own business, teaching, assisting, AND homeschooling 3 kiddos. When I found this out, I knew she had some secret sauce I needed to get my hands on! Finally she is telling us all HOW she is Aligned and balanced and able to love everything she does- especially parenting!"

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