Heidi Nechtman

Yoga Teacher 200HR RYT


Heidi’s classes are designed to welcome everyone to benefit from the healing powers of yoga. She teaches a slow, gentle, interoceptive yoga that allows everyone to feel better in their bodies and minds. Heidi has practiced yoga for decades to help with the stiffness of being a long distance runner.

However, that all changed when she began to practice again after having three children, and found the mental and emotional benefits of yoga as well. Heidi is a 200 RYT and has additional training in accessible and adaptive yoga.


  • Yoga Nidra student

    "Thank you for the class. I released many emotions which were locked away because I don't stop to heal myself. I realized I need to work on this - it helps me be a better human. It's a reminder to heal from the inside out...take care and love all parts of our body. After the practice I felt inspired to change...it was a wake up call - to take care of myself."

  • H.S.

    "When I first began attending yoga classes with Heidi, I needed both physical and emotional strength building. My previous experience with yoga had been mostly physical, including one class that was so difficult for me it made me nauseas. I’m a recreational derby skater and a nurse so my body and spirit were a bit bruised and in need of a gentle approach. Heidi’s classes are exactly what I was hoping for and after each class I feel both relaxed and energized. Her approach is gentle, encouraging, and inclusive. She’s inspired me to listen to what my body needs, navigate my body’s abilities to achieve the best outcome, and embrace the restorative properties of yoga."

  • R.F.

    "I take level 1 yoga with Heidi. It has been a blessing at this time in my life. I get strength..flexibility... confidence and the feeling of being grounded all in one class. One of the most exciting things for me is how quickly my flexibility has improved despite my history of many orthopedic injuries. I've also learned how to be kinder to myself through this practice and I'm grateful for it."

Retreats Featuring Heidi

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