Ceylon Keeslar

Functional Nutritionist


Ceylon is a functional nutritionist who helps her clients to improve their body composition, hormones, and blood sugar without sacrificing their relationship with food. She is results-oriented, yet passionate about ensuring that there is no one-size fits all. Her detailed, comprehensive approach is a no-fail method, using advanced lab testing, symptom assessments, health education, and behavior science.

She is determined to help both men and women to feel good from the inside out regardless of their age. The conditions she addresses with clients include weight gain, blood sugar imbalances, food relationship issues, mood issues, acne, and gut health.

After struggling with many hormonal health issues personally, she finally found healing through holistic nutrition. Her background includes working in genetics, dietary supplements, and herbal therapy. Currently, she is at Bastyr University for her MS in Integrative Nutrition, as she constantly seeks to learn the newest research in nutritional science. To learn how she can help you, sign up for a free 15-min consultation!


  • Christine R.

    "Ceylon offers life-changing support & education for those seeking to accomplish weight loss, improved health, and nutrition goals. She's a wealth of knowledge and shares her insights in a clear and easy to understand manner. She's supportive and positive and diligent in her efforts to solve the mysteries of her clients' weight loss struggles. She listens well & incorporates your needs and wants into a tailored plan for you and your lifestyle, whether you cook or don't cook, go out to eat a lot, travel, etc. She is a joy to work with. I highly recommend working with Ceylon as your nutritionist."

  • Elizabeth A.

    "I can’t say enough positive things about working with Ceylon! I originally reached out for help with weight loss, but she immediately noticed that my symptoms were unusual. She helped me plan an approach toward whole-body health, kept me accountable, helped me identify doctors. She has become way more than a health coach! I am so grateful for her and would recommend her to anyone as an amazing and caring resource!"

  • Pam M.

    "Ceylon provided the knowledge and assistance that I needed to address medical issues & weight reduction. Ceylon did a great job providing me the knowledge & understanding of how to use food to address my medical issue which aided in weight loss and improved medical issues. I first started with a focus on weight loss then realized that focusing on healthy foods & recipes resulted in healthy body and weight loss. I feel I have the best information to continue my journey in becoming and sustaining a healthier life & body."

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